Oasis not splitting – but they're taking 'time off before next album'
Band statement follows Liam Gallagher's tweets to quash split rumours
August 25, 2009

Oasis have restated their intention to continue touring and making records today (August 25), following tabloid speculation that the band were set to call it a day.

The band's future had been questioned by some commentators after Oasis were ruled out of the final day of V Festival through illness.

However, following yesterday's tweets by Liam Gallagher which dismissed claims Oasis had played their last ever British show, the band have issued a statement through Oasisinet.com indicating their intention to continue recording and touring.

"V Festival was always scheduled as the last UK gig for this 'Dig Out Your Soul' world tour," they explained. "Oasis will complete the rest of the world tour in Europe and then take some well-earned time off before they begin to think about the next album and tour."

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ロック・フェス大特集!! フジ&サマソニ徹底レポート!


現在発売中のBUZZは、oasis リアム・ギャラガーが表紙になってます。
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Liam Gallagher breaks silence on Oasis' V Festival cancellation
Silent singer users Twitter to apologise to fans
August 24, 2009

Liam Gallagher has broken his silence after Oasis were ruled out of V Festival yesterday (August 23).

Having played the Staffordshire leg of the event, the band pulled out of Chelmsford after Liam Gallagher caught viral laryngitis.

Using Twitter, the singer apologised to fans and bemoaned his inability to sing.

"The voice may of disappeared but I'm still here," he wrote. "First things first V I'm gutted, you're gutted. I'm sorry, what can I say? Fuck all at the moment."

He added: "Secondly, respect to those bands who covered Oasis last night, even though I might of given some of you shit in the past."

Snow Patrol, Keane and MGMT all played Oasis covers at the Chelmsford leg of V Festival last night (August 23).

Gallagher also dismissed tabloid speculation that the band were set to break-up.

"Finally reports in smartarses' column about Oasis last British gig ever," he concluded. "The kid's talking out his arse, I mean Rkids, beware of darkness."

For more on this year's V Festival, including dozens of photos from each day go to NME.COM/festivals.

What do you think about Oasis' none-show? Join the debate and have your say by commenting here.

2009年8月26日 5:38追記

25 August 2009

As many of you may be aware, Liam took to his private Twitter page yesterday to apologise for Oasis not being able to play at Sunday's V Festival and quash tabloid trash about it being the last ever Oasis UK gig:

"The voice may of disappeared but I'm still here.1st things first V I'm gutted your gutted,I'm sorry what can I say fuck all at the moment.

"Secondly, respect to those bands who covered Oasis last night, even though I might of given some of you shit in the past...

"Finally reports in smartarses column about Oasis last british gig ever. The kids talking out his arse, I mean rkids, bware of darkness. LG"

V Festival was always scheduled as the last UK gig for this ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ World Tour. Oasis will complete the rest of the world tour in Europe and then take some well-earned time off before they begin to think about the next album and tour.




この件に関してリアムは当初沈黙していたが、24日にTwitterでファンへの謝罪を書き込んでいる。「声を出せなかったが、でも僕はここにいる。初めての〈Vフェスティヴァル〉で僕はとてもがっかりした。みんなもがっかりしただろう。ごめんよ、僕はなんて言えばいいんだろう? 今はすべてがクソッタレって気分だよ」とのこと。


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Oasis roll out the hits at V in Staffordshire
Liam Gallagher hails 'biblical' crowd at Weston Park
August 22, 2009

Oasis triumphed with a hit-packed set in front of a huge crowd at the V Festival in Staffordshire tonight (August 22).

The Gallaghers blasted out an impressive set, avoiding the technical problems which beset some of their previous UK shows in the summer, as they performed one of their last gigs in Britain on their 'Dig Out Your Soul' tour.

The band were on fine form, sticking to exactly the same set they rolled out at the London Camden Roundhouse last month, leading mass singalongs to 'Live Forever', 'Roll With It' and 'Cigarettes & Alcohol'.

Guitarist Noel Gallagher took over vocal duties early on with 'Waiting For The Rapture' and a stirring rendition of 'Wonderwall' B-side 'The Masterplan'.

As he introduced the track, he joked: "Good evening V Staffordshire. Have you had a good day?," before adding: "Someone just said no then."

Later he paid tribute to fans who had travelled up from his hometown as he launched into 'Half The World Away'.

"This next song is dedicated to anyone here from Manchester," he added. "All of you want to live and stay there."

The band only played three songs from their recent album 'Dig Out Your Soul', instead filling the 90-minute set with many of their greatest hits.

Much of the crowd were in fine voice, belting out all the words to 'Wonderwall'. But the biggest sing-a-long was reserved for Don't Look Back In Anger' as Noel left the whole of the V Stage throng to sing the bulk of the track in unison.

His brother Liam, who was dressed in a long black Pretty Green raincoat, said very little throughout the show apart from at the very end when he declared: "This is the last song. You've been biblical and we're out of here. I am the fucking walrus."

Oasis played:

'Fuckin' In The Bushes'
'Rock 'N' Roll Star'
'The Shock Of The Lightning'
'Cigarettes & Alcohol'
'Roll With It'
'Waiting For The Rapture'
'The Masterplan'
'Slide Away'
'Morning Glory'
'My Big Mouth'
'Half The World Away'
'I'm Outta Time'
'Live Forever'
'Don't Look Back In Anger'
'Champagne Supernova'
'I Am The Walrus'

NME.COM will be coming live from both the V Festival sites this weekend (August 22-23). Stay tuned to NME.COM/festivals/v-festival for news reports, blogs, video interviews and photos from the event. Plus get next Wednesday's (August 26) issue of NME for the ultimate V Festival review.
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Liam ill - tonight's performance at V Fest off
23 August 2009

The promotors at V Festival have released the following news below:

London Sunday 23rd August 2009: V Festival organisers regret to share the news with fans that unfortunately tonight’s headlining performance will not go ahead as planned. Unfortunately front man Liam Gallagher is unwell with Viral Laryngitis and has been advised by Doctor’s not to perform at tonight’s event.

Organisers are pleased to be able to announce that Snow Patrol will be filling the headline slot.

An Oasis spokesperson commented: “After a year of being on the road this is the first performance to be lost to a band member’s illness, so naturally we are all completely gutted. Liam is resting up and should be fine to resume the tour next Friday in Paris.”

Festival Director, Bob Angus commented:

"Fans will naturally be disappointed but of course – the artist’s health must come first. The acts on the V Stage are sure to play their set of their lives so fans have a fantastic Sunday night at V Festival, Chelmsford”

Oasis headlined the Weston Park leg of the two day event last night with Las Vegas indie kids The Killers repeating their Chelmsford performance for an eager crowd tonight at the Staffordshire based event.

Oasis cancel V festival Chelmsford headline slot
Liam Gallagher forced out of tonight's (Aug 23) festival-closing set due to illness
August 23, 2009

Oasis have cancelled their headline slot at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival tonight (August 23) due to singer Liam Gallagher falling ill.

The frontman is suffering from viral laryngitis.

The Manchester band performed last night (August 22) at the Staffordshire leg of the festival, although after that set Noel Gallagher blogged that he too felt unwell, writing: "Don't feel too clever. Outrageous stomach ache. Feel like I'm coming down with summat (sic)".

Tonight's show was due to be Oasis' final UK date of their 'Dig Out Your Soul' world tour.

An Oasis spokesperson explained that the V Festival slot was the first gig to be cancelled on the year-long trek.

"After a year of being on the road this is the first performance to be lost to a band member's illness, so naturally we are all completely gutted. Liam is resting up and should be fine to resume the tour next Friday (August 28) in Paris," they explained.

Snow Patrol will now headline the V Stage at Chelmsford tonight.

NME.COM will be coming live from both the V Festival sites this weekend (August 22-23). Stay tuned to NME.COM/festivals/v-festival for news reports, blogs, video interviews and photos from the event. Plus get next Wednesday's (August 26) issue of NME for the ultimate V Festival review.

2009年8月25日 5:21追記





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ノエルがAmorphous Androgynousのギグに参加


Oasis' Noel Gallagher to play live with 'Psychedelic' supergroup

The guitarist is set to join Amorphous Androgynous at one-off show
August 21, 2009

Noel Gallagher is set to join a supergroup for a one-off gig.

The Oasis guitarist will play live with Amorphous Androgynous in London on September 17 at the matter venue, which is part of the O2 Arena complex.

Gallagher will join the band on his own 'Falling Down', for the launch of their new compilation 'A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble In Your Mind – Volume 2: Pagan Love Vibrations'', which is released on October 26.

Noel Gallagher has been a vocal fan of Amorphous Androgynous, even getting them to remix the Oasis track 'Falling Down', which features on the compilation.

As well the supergroup, the likes of Hawkwind will also be playing live on the night.

The full line-up is:

Amorphous Androgynous featuring Noel Gallagher
Cranium Pie
Nick Nicely & The Lives Unlived

Andy Votel
Gaz Cobain featuring Sitar Freakout

To check the availability of Amorphous Androgynous tickets and get all the latest listings, go to NME.COM/TICKETS now, or call 0871 230 1094.

Meanwhile Gallagher is on duty with his own band this weekend, as Oasis are set to headline the V Festival.

NME.COM will be coming live from both the V Festival sites this weekend (August 22-23). Stay tuned to NME.COM/festivals/v-festival for news reports, blogs, video interviews and photos from the event. Plus get next Wednesday's (August 26) issue of NME for the ultimate V Festival review.

If you're on O2 you can get Priority Tickets to The O2 and O2 Academy venues up to 48 hours before they go on general release. Register at o2.co.uk/priority. Terms apply.

2009年8月24日 6:25追記

22 August 2009

Noel is set to hook up with the psychedelic band Amorphous Androgynous to perform their epic re-working of 'Falling Down' on September 17th at Matter in London. Their 5-part, 22 minute remix of 'Falling Down' was released earlier in the year as a B-Side to the Oasis single and received great reviews.

Readers of Noel's 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere' will be familiar with the band as upon finding their album last year he wrote, 'If you're wondering what to ask Santa for x.mas, ask him for an album called "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind (Vol 1. Space Rock)". It's a compilation album by someone called "The Amorphous Androgynous" (I'd hazard a guess that's a made-up name). I've had it on in the dressing room for a month now. It's one of the best things I've ever, ever heard. Go and find it NOW! It'll blow your tiny little minds.'

This special, one-off performance is to celebrate the release of Amorphous Androgynous' new album 'Vol 2 - Pagan Love Vibrations' which will be available to buy from 26th October.

Classic 70s space-rock pioneers Hawkwind are also set to perform so it's sure to be a very special gig!

Tickets are now on sale HERE!

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CROSSBEAT 2009年10月号



オアシスの今後を明かした衝撃的告白!! ノエル&リアム&アンディの最新取材

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19 August 2009

Oasis will be headlining this year's V Festival which takes place at Weston Park and Hylands Park. The band's performance will be streamed online at Absolute Radio's website.

To check out the gigs, click HERE.

The festival appearances will mark a triumphant return to the V Festival for Oasis who headlined previously in 2005.
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Photo Gallery - Liam Gallagher's 50 funniest quotes

Oasis' Liam Gallagher: 'I'm happy if Noel wants to do a solo album'

However, the singer says he'd rather do a new Oasis album in 'six months'
August 19, 2009

Oasis' Liam Gallagher has told NME.COM he would not stand in the way of his brother making a solo record.

The band's guitarist and main songwriter Noel Gallagher has previously suggested he would like to work on a solo record once Oasis finished touring current album 'Dig Out Your Soul', and the frontman said he won't object as long as it makes his sibling happy.

"Who knows, man, maybe he needs to go and do his solo record… fucking hell, I don't know, I really don't know," declared Liam, who has his own 'solo project' fashion label, Prettygreen.com. "If it [doing a solo album] makes him happy, yeah, if it makes him happy. It would sound very civilised I reckon… [that's] a fucking awful thing - but maybe it's a good thing for him."

However Liam, whose group will wrap up their 13-month world tour at the weekend by headlining V Festival (August 22-23), added that he would prefer to get cracking with another Oasis record.

"If it was up to me I'd have six months off and then get straight back in the studio and make records," he declared. "That's what I'm in Oasis for. I'm not here to fucking sit around for five years twiddling my thumbs."

For the full cover story interview, plus a preview of this year's V Festival, get this week's issue of NME, on UK newsstands now.

NME.COM will be covering this year's festival live from both V Festival sites over the weekend (August 22-23), so tune in for the latest news, setlists, video interviews, blogs and picture galleries.

2009年8月20日 21:37追記



オアシスは8月22日〜23日の〈V Festival〉にヘッドライナーとして出演し、この公演で約1年にわたるワールド・ツアーが終了する。ノエルはこのツアーが終わったら自身のソロに取りかかり、オアシスの新作は今後5年間出さない、と公言していた。

これに対してリアムはこう語っている。「彼がソロ・アルバムを作ることは知っているよ…、まあクソッタレって感じで、俺は全然わからないけどな。でも、ソロを作ることで彼がハッピーになるんならいいんじゃない? ほんとにハッピーになるんならね。まあすごくひどいサウンドになるんじゃないかと、俺は予想しているけど」とのことで、納得はしていないもののしょうがない、といった様子。


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The new issue of NME, on sale across the UK from Wednesday 19 August, is a V Festival preview, featuring an illuminating interview with Liam Gallagher, who reveals what the future really holds for Oasis.

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The results are in: we look at the most overrated bands ever, as voted for by NME.COM users.


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ロッキングオン '09年9月号


エルヴィス・プレスリーからアークティック・モンキーズまで、ロックンロール史に刻まれた名曲を一挙レヴュー!! なぜ僕たちはロックンロールに惹かれるのか、その秘密に迫る

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5 August 2009

Five tracks from Oasis' performance at this year's iTunes Festival are now available to download exclusively from their store.

The five classic tracks featured on the EP are:

Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Live Forever

It comes complete with a digital booklet including exclusive photos from the night.

To get your copy, click HERE!
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July 28, 2009(フジロック)

Phew. Just back from that whistle stop tour of the far east. Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. 5 days. 2 gigs. Lots of noodles and a million air miles. My phone didn't work out there and I wasn't keeping notes so you'll have to do with what I can remember, which doesn't bode well. Here goes.

At Heathrow, on the way out, I bumped into that Jenson Button. He's a racing car driver. A famous one. Pretty good too, by all accounts. And I seen that Stephen Fry. He's famous for knowing pretty much everything.

Got hassled by a man (I think it was a man!) in a kilt. Who wasn't famous or Scottish, just annoying. The flight was mobbed. Watched that film about that heavy metal band "Anvil". Fuckin' funny. Metal is though, innit?

Was met at the airport by that girl who invented the "Noel Or Die" sign. Only now she's made t-shirts. With me as a Simpsons character who looks more like Tom Hanks!! Do I look like Tom Hanks?

Tokyo was hot, damp and humid. Tried to stay awake by shopping my bollocks off. It was a minor success. Had some noodles - real ones - and went to bed. So far, so good. Had a great kip. Unbelievable. 10 hours! A personal best.

Man City was on the BBC World News for meeting that Nelson Mandela!!! MAN CITY!! No one gave a monkey's 'bout Man City 6 months ago, now we're on the news meeting world leaders! Now that is mental.

Still hot and humid, only now it's raining, and I mean raining. Monsoon gear. Biblical.

Missed the train to the gig. No panic. They literally run every 3 minutes. Got to that Fuji Rock just in time to see my old mate and soul brother #1, Paul Weller. Hadn't seen him play since May. He was well psychedelic. It pissed down all the way through his set. Good though.

Had to drive back to Tokyo after. 3 c**ting hours. Grim as fuck. Still raining. Hard, boiling hot rain.

Didn't get any kip that night. Not a single second. Flew to Seoul the next day. Feeling slightly mental. I thought I was losing my eyesight at one point. Totally fucked.

Can't remember much after that. Apart from 2 things. I seen an advert for a play called "Breakout". It was billed as an "Extreme dance comedy"!? EXTREME DANCE COMEDY? What on God's green earth is that gonna be like? And what's extreme about it? The dance or the comedy? Ludicrous dance comedy, more like. Not only that, I seen an Italian restaurant - in Seoul - called "Mad For Garlic"!! MAD FOR GARLIC?!!! And it was fuckin' packed.

The gig was immense. They really do know how to do that synchronised hand clapping shit in Korea. Spectacular. Jet - the band - were on before us. Hadn't seen them since that American tour in 2006, was it? They've been in the gym, let me tell you.

Flew home the next day (have I missed a day?). Had a 5 hour stop-over in Hong Kong. Caught up with the English newspapers. Mardy-bum John Terry's not coming to City. Halle-fuckin'-looya. Ate more crisps than even Irie Nancy could imagine. Bored shitless. Slept like a small elephant on the flight home. Arrived at a deserted Heathrow at 5.05 this morning.

Hope this made sense, if it didn't, fuck'all y'all. It's 3 o'clock next Thursday afternoon in my head.

In a bit.

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3 August 2009

On Sunday 30th August, Oasis will finish their current world tour at I-Day Milano Urban Festival.

In his 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere', Noel refers to Italy as the bands’ 'spiritual home' and anyone who has been to an Oasis gig in Italy will know why. It’s fitting that Oasis have chosen Milan to stage the final show of their record-breaking 13 month World Tour.

As this will be the last chance to see the band in 2009, Oasisinet has teamed up with the festival to secure 20% off the face value of the tickets for Oasis fans. To get your tickets, click HERE!

Kasabian and Twisted Wheel are also due to play the same stage that day, so it's set to be a great day given both band's close-ties to Oasis.
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July 19-22, 2009

Hello. Seems like the problems we experienced at that Benicassim were, in the grand scheme of things, minor irritations. The next 2 days were cancelled. High winds caused chaos, by all accounts. There was a massive, massive fire on site. Weller only played half his set before he was pulled off (not like that, you filthy little twat!).

No such troubles up in the Alps here in Switzerland. The fezzies here run like clockwork. Bit nippy though. Didn't spoil the gig. It was really fuckin' good. Didn't see any other bands so nothing to report on that front.

Off to Germany today. Last festival of this little trip. Roundhouse on Tuesday. Then off to Japan/South Korea on Wednesday.

Kasabian are on the same stage as us today. Should be fun.

In a bit.


Fuck! Forgot about you. Where were we?

That festival in Germany was pretty fuckin' mad. It was in an old disused coal mine. All the old machinery had been preserved and turned into a mad gothic industrial landscape. I imagine it's what the inside of Marilyn Manson's head looks like.

Gig was great. Kasabian were..actually, I didn't even see them, I was doing interviews.

Back in London now. Playing The Roundhouse tonight. Then off to Japan in the morning.

I'm fucked. Hope I'm not getting that swine flu.

In a bit.


Well that gig at The Roundhouse was..erm..very odd. What'siz'name exploded with pretend rage the minute he walked on. Strange cat. Probably on his man period. Saying that, it was a full moon'n'all. Didn't notice him getting any more hairy though. Mind you, those that were there seemed to enjoy it, so..y'know, onwards and sideways.

Didn't stick around after the gig. Just couldn't be arsed. Too many squares for my liking.

Just on the way to Heathrow. Off to Japan / South Korea for a week. My phone doesn't work out there so there'll be a break in transmission. Will spill any relevant beans when I get back.

In a bit.

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「Don't Look〜」の大合唱のことありと、取り上げられていました。
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July 14-17, 2009

Phew! Thank the good Lord that weekend's over. Been absolutely ruined by the Wembley smash up. Still feeling like a little lump of dog-shit and it's fuckin' Tuesday!!

Anyway, here's the story - what I can remember of it, at least!

Thursday night had a bit of a Thursday night feel to it, if you know what I mean? Incidentally, what a shit night Thursday night has become! No Top Of The Pops. No Coronation Street. Nothing. I bet nothing of any significance has ever happened on a Thursday - in the world of Rock'N'Roll, that is. I bet Altamont wasn't on a Thursday. I bet Shea Stadium wasn't on a Thursday. Knebworth wasn't on a Thursday. We should fuck Thursday off anyway. Cut it back to a 6 day week.

The gig was really good, for a Thursday. The best thing about it though was the magnificent green leather jacket Serge was wearing. Too good for a Thursday.

Friday was a bit of a lazy day. Went and done an interview with Johnny Ross. He's a naughty boy, Jonathan. He was determined to try and get me to have a pop at the Blur re-union. Not this time. Those days are long gone. Although it was fun at the time I'd like to think we've all grown up a little bit since then. He has, and it was funny though.

Saturday was altogether a different kettle of fish. What a night. One of THOSE nights. What an atmosphere! It pissed down but that only added to it. Easily one of the best nights ever. There was some moments, let me tell you. If you were in that crowd, and if I wore a hat I'd doff it in your general direction. I wouldn't go as far as Mr Bruno saying, "You're the best fans in the world". As Arsene Wenger once said, "Everybody thinks they have the most beautiful wife", or even more ludicrously (is that a word? ..it is now!!), "You're the best human beings in the world!"?? Nonsense! My kids are the best human beings in the world. Fact. BUT the version of "Don't Look Back In Anger" was very special indeed.

Which brings us to Sunday. Party time. Another very special night. Lots of friends in attendance. Great, great gig. Not as good as the piss up after though. 9'n'half hours we was in that dressing room. Drinking, dancing, smoking and talking shite. A colossal end to an epic weekend.

Am currently on a train in Devon heading to the Eden Project. Doing that gig we had to cancel last August!!

I must go as I need to strangle a child that's been crying all the way from London!

In a bit.


So! The Eden Project. A wonderful place. Particularly for the kids, one would've thought.

As for a rock'n'roll show? I'm not so sure. It was a re-scheduled show from last September (did I mention that?) when that idiot broke up my rib-cage. Somewhat predictably it fuckin' pissed down! SIDEWAYS!! It was raining on stage at one point. The audience were all in proper wet weather gear. Was like playing to the hippies at Greenham Common in the 80s.

All that being said, I really enjoyed it. Quite intimate. 6,000 wurzels. Think there was actually more people in the dressing room on Sunday night at Wembley. Good laugh. Didn't hang around after, still felt rough after the weekend.

Feel tip-top today though. Which is great 'cos we're in Valencia for that Benicassim festival. SCORCHIO!! Having a lazy day. Getting some sun. Basking in the glory of Man City's spending. Carlos Tevez joined us yesterday (or maybe the day before)!! What an exciting time for us. The Oasis tour finishes about 2 games into the new season. I fully plan to go to every game possible next season. Usually manage about 6 a season. Gonna have a lot of time on my hands in the near future so bring it on. WE ARE CITY.

In a bit.



Benicassim? What a fuckin' waste of time! If it wasn't for those bloody kids it would've been a disaster. I really can't say enough about the crowd. Unbelievable behaviour. Special mention to the topless birds - what a welcome sight that was!

The problem was...wait for it...yes! The fuckin' PA. It blew TWICE!! And the monitor system blew TWICE!! It's becoming a joke. And not a very funny one.

Those little lads from The View joined us backstage for warm beer. Now, I'm down with the Scotch. Irie Nancy's one. So is The Mighty I (effectively). No problem with them. But what that lot were going on about I'll never know. Had to get James from Glasvegas to translate. He was none the wiser.

Weller's up there tonight. Some of us are going to see him. It'll probably get pretty messy.

Off to Berne in the morning. That's in Switzerland.

I've got nothing else to say.

In a bit.

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もった感じで全然重さを感じず、『Dig Out Your Soul』のボックスの方が

「Vinyl Manufacturing ... Ltd」と書いてて、次に売り手として
「Digital Stores」(オフィシャルショップ)、そっから前に書いたけど、

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Heaton Parkギグの返金に関するオフィシャルニュース


31 July 2009

All refund applications for the Oasis Heaton Park concert received by the closing date (12th June) have now been processed and by now all applicants should have received their cheque or a letter explaining why their application was unsuccessful.

If you have applied for a refund and have not received a response, or received a cheque written out incorrectly please email help@oasisheatonpark.com with your name and address. This email address (which will remain open until the 31st August) is ONLY for applicants who have not received any response or have an incorrectly completed cheque. No other correspondence will be entered into.

Ticket holders are reminded of the following:

- Only applications received by the 12th June enclosing the original tickets are eligible.
- Only valid tickets scanned on entry at Heaton Park are eligible. If you did not go to the show you cannot make a claim.
- Incorrectly completed forms are ineligible. Organisers simply cannot process these.
- Ticket purchases for the concert were restricted to a maximum of 6 per person. Single applications for more than the 6 ticket maximum are therefore ineligible.
- Only tickets purchased directly from authorised ticket agencies are eligible. If you bought a ticket on eBay, from a tout or other secondary source you cannot claim.

The Heaton Park refund offer was a discretionary offer made by Oasis and their promoters. The organisers decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
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Oasis ノエル「俺ってトム・ハンクス似?」
オアシスのノエル・ギャラガーが、ハリウッド俳優のトム・ハンクスに似ているかどうか、ブログを通じてファンに問い掛けた。“FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’09”に出演するため、日本行きの飛行機に乗り込んだノエル。その後、空港である女性ファンにTシャツをプレゼントされたことが、この疑問を生む結果につながったようだ。「空港でその女の子が待ち構えてたんだ。“Noel Or Die(ノエルか死か)”ってスローガン(のTシャツ)を作った子がさ。(そのTシャツは)俺が(TVアニメの)『シンプソンズ』のキャラクターに見立ててあるヤツなんだけど、(俺よりも)トム・ハンクスに似てるんだよ!! 俺ってそんなにトム・ハンクス似かよ?」とブログで訴えたノエル。ちなみに、オアシスは5日間にわたった今回のアジア遠征で、7/24(金)にフジロック初日のヘッドライナーを務めた後、7/26(日)には韓国のチサン・ヴァリー・ロック・フェスティバルにも大トリとして出演し、大盛況を収めている。
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